Lucky You Live Hawaii

Many locals in Hawaii say “Lucky You Live Hawaii”. I grew up hearing it and never really believed it till I got older and moved away from the islands.

I took these photos of my very good friend, Maddie, on one of my rare trips back home. I’ve known Maddie for 10 years now, she is a beautiful person inside and out! Definitely one of the most sweetest person I know!

We spent the entire day on the North Shore, met up with friends for a really good lunch, and finished the day off with the best Hawaiian style shave ice!

I have a few more photos from this set, I’ll be sure to post them soon.

Oh, and these photos were taken during the winter. Yes, Hawaii has perfect weather year-round. Now I really do understand the saying,

Lucky You Live Hawaii

The Emerald City. Part 2

This is a continuation from my other post which you can find here.

I think I may have enough photos for a Part 3. =)

A few of these photos were taken in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in July. I fell in love with Canada! The weather was beautiful, many people were friendly and so easy to talk to, and the food was really good. The only thing that was lame was the traffic. Especially during rush hour. And I thought Houston traffic was bad!

The last few photos were taken at Mount Rainier National Park. July was a little too early to hike the trail, the whole thing was covered in snow. My family and I hiked as far as we could!

30 Years Young!

Happy 30th birthday to my older sister! Its about time! Really, it seems like I’m getting to my late 20’s quickly and she’s been in her 20’s FOREVER. It’s not very fair!

Hope you had a great celebration, Tiff! Love you always!