The Emerald City. Part 2

This is a continuation from my other post which you can find here.

I think I may have enough photos for a Part 3. =)

A few of these photos were taken in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in July. I fell in love with Canada! The weather was beautiful, many people were friendly and so easy to talk to, and the food was really good. The only thing that was lame was the traffic. Especially during rush hour. And I thought Houston traffic was bad!

The last few photos were taken at Mount Rainier National Park. July was a little too early to hike the trail, the whole thing was covered in snow. My family and I hiked as far as we could!

5 thoughts on “The Emerald City. Part 2

  1. Beautiful, give to my heart and soul really peace. Thanks you. I have good look because I take “en vivo” advantage of this wonderland. I live in Canada…but, my GRAN SABANA (Venezuela)… is also the most big spectacle of the mother Nature .

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