Sunday Afternoon

I’ve realized that I went missing again for almost a month. There’s a good reason for that! The government here in Berlin approved my work visa, so I’ve been busy with work and taking language classes.

My friend and I visited the Bundestag this past Sunday. It’s a government building located in the heart of Berlin. If you ever find yourself in this city, this place is definitely worth checking out!




16 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon

    1. Thanks, Mayur! You’re exactly right. I had taken a few photos of that same scene in the second frame, and something about that photo I chose just looked ‘right’. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but you said it! Two guys on every floor. Thank you, always, for your feedback! =)

  1. Congrats on your work visa! That’s great! What work did you find?
    Nice photos of the top of the Reichstag. Neil and I have been visiting this part a few years ago. It’s amazing.
    Schoenes Wochenende,

    1. Thank you very much, Elke! I work in a medical laboratory! I was really surprised when I found out my visa was approved, because at first it was denied. The laboratory had to rewrite my contract, and then it was ok! I’m glad that it’s in the same field of work that I was doing back in Texas.
      Yes, it’s such a beautiful building!
      Dir auch ein Schönes Wochenende! =)

  2. Pleased to meet you Wahine. I love your blog! Such great pictures with your brief description that connects the place to what you (and sometimes your boyfriend) are up to. And such a diversity of posts – I really get a sense of Germany.

    This post of the Bundstag absolutely rocks – I do love architecture, and I associate the bundestag with the birth of the green party of whom I’m I support – so that might influence my liking this – but your photography and your 3 photo layout real gives me the sense of the building – I’m insipred by it – and spiral dynamics (a modern theory of human development) comes to my thoughts as well.

    I’m definetely going to follow your blog and look forward to future ‘das wanderings”.

    1. Thank you very much for such a nice comment, Bruce! I’m very glad you like my photography, as I enjoy yours also. I, too, support the Greens! I really like the architecture of this building, the spiral design, the openness with the windows and the mirrors in the center. I’ll be posting more photos from the Bundestag soon, I hope you’ll enjoy those just as much!

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