Don’t Mess With…

It is officially past the first day of spring, and the ground and trees are still covered with snow. My thoughts are floating back to Texas and I feel a little homesick. I know exactly what I’m missing. I’m missing the time when the temperature outside is perfect, the Bluebonnets and wild flowers spring up, and my family gets together for Easter.

Spring time doesn’t last long in Texas though…Summer is just around the corner!

Hidden Bluebonnet field
My friend and I took photos around his small Texas hometown one morning. The water tower says ‘Needville’ not ‘Weedville’. 😉
I saw this tattered flag proudly waving on the side of the road in Texas Hill Country.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With…

  1. Good morning! I was very fortunate that you stopped by my page and “liked” my shot of Lake Ramsey. I lived in Texas for 20+ years and I miss it so much. Your photos of the bluebonnets made me miss home all the more. I’m loving every minute of your “eye” and will continue to come by and silently thank you again. 🙂

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