An abandoned spy station built by the USA to listen to the Soviets during the Cold War. It is built on top of a man made hill; rubble from buildings that were destroyed in World War II. This abandoned station has great street art all over it. However, it’s tough to get inside because security is very tight. The only way to get in is paying them for a tour.

4 thoughts on “Spies

  1. Heard about this. It’s in the Tiergarten, isn’t it? Piled up by the Rubble Women who had to clean up the mess of Berlin after WW II. The Rubble Women sounds like a good name for a band, or a cartoon.
    On my Way…

    1. Hahaha! The Rubble Women would be an awesome name for a band. I’ll remember you said it first hahah.
      This station is located on top of Teufelsberg (Devils Mountain) in Charlottenburg.

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