Weekly Photo Challenge . Focus

I love this weeks photo challenge!

I went through my photos and chose the following three to demonstrate the concept of FOCUS.

The first one was taken…well, I’m sure you know where!

The second and third photo were taken in Canada.





I took these photos during the late fall/early winter last year. You can view photos that I took of this area this past spring HERE.

I received several request to post my photos of the Neuschwanstein Castle in snow. While I did get some good shots, I feel like they’re not as good as the photos I took during the spring.

The area is beautiful covered in snow, however I would not recommend visiting around this time of year. All hiking trails around the castle are spring/summer trails so they are closed. This includes the Marienbrücke bridge (which is the bridge right next to the castle that will give you the most PERFECT photo!). I’ve seen photos from other sites where they snuck around the barricades and went up to the bridge anyway. We were contemplating this at the time, but I wasn’t wearing the right shoes to trudge through the snow that covered the trail.

Dress warmly, wear the right shoes, and you will be fine! 🙂

Many more photos to come. 😀





Into the Forest

This set was inspired by a photo from a photographer from Oregon that I saw long ago. Recently, I tried looking for the photograph but was unable to find it. The photo that I remember was a girl wearing white, running through a green, sun lit forest.

I didn’t exactly recreate that image, but created my own ‘girl in the forest’.

Big thanks to my friend for helping me with these photos!