The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

While I was visiting New York City last year, I ran into a film crew filming a scene near Wall Street. They closed a section of the road and stopped all foot traffic while a bus drove past with a stunt double on top of it. I instantly noticed Ben Stillers face on the side of the bus (I’m a fan of his!). I asked one of the security guys what movie it was. He was unable to tell me the name, but he told me it was a remake of an old movie, and it was being directed by Ben Stiller himself. Just recently, I found out the movie is entitled The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. It will be released on Christmas Day.

I posted a link to the trailer and a few photos I took in the city below . The cinematography looks great, I will definitely be checking out this movie!

I have a friend from Hawaii visiting me here in Berlin tomorrow! I’m happy to see him. It’ll be quite a busy weekend! 😀






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