Weekly Photo Challenge . Achievement

I realize I’ve been MIA for a while. What a great weekly topic to start off my posts with again!

I was able to attend the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall last week Sunday. Millions of people gathered around the path where the Berlin Wall once stood. In its place were lit balloons, called the Lichtgrenze (Border of Light), each containing a tag with personal wishes, quotes, and messages. In the evening, each balloon was released (8,000 of them) in a domino effect. Everyone cheered as each balloon shot up and lifted away.

The fall of the Berlin Wall was a great achievement. It was the destruction of communism in Eastern Europe, it reunified Germany, and it brought freedom to many people.

As the last picture states, there are still more walls to tear down. Hopefully one day these countries can live in peace and freedom.










20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge . Achievement

  1. Wonderful shots. Look at all those people, so many of them. It’s so good to see so many people young and old recognise the fall of the Berlin wall as one of the significant moments in history, and one that should never be forgotten. All of us in the world can learn so much from this even. Excellent interpretation for this week’s challenge πŸ™‚

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