The Lovers of Cologne

Love Locks on the bridge in Köln, Germany.




A sign of everlasting love, hahah.

Incredible Deutschland

I keep forgetting Halloween is this Wednesday, which means the end of the month and my trip being halfway over.
The weather has been very kind this past week here in west Germany. However, we are headed to Munich next and I heard its snowing there!

The first few photos were taken in Berlin at the Olympiastadion (my first European soccer game!) with my cell phone. It was a big game with about 80,000 people in attendance. The evening started off great with my friend,  his family and I walking to the stadium and everyone teaching me the different cheers and chants. Then, while we were standing in a huge crowd for 45 minutes waiting to get in, my stomach started to hurt. I felt a little nauseous. “It’s ok” I told myself, “I’ll feel better as soon as we’re inside.” But the closer we got, the worst I felt. Finally, it was our turn to go through security. The guys went off to one side, and girls went to the other. The first security guard checked inside my purse, by then I felt like throwing up inside my bag. The second security guard patted me down and just as she was nodding to go on through, I saw the nearest trash can and threw up. She was looking at me in concern and asked something in German. My friend and his family rushed over asking me what happened, and the police came to ask if I needed a doctor. Nein nein, after throwing up a few more times I was fine. No more stomach pain, no more nausea, I was ready to enjoy the game! We figured it was probably something I ate. Sorry for such a gross story, but I know my family will read this and say “oh that is something that would totally happen to Tracy! Always something going on with her wherever she goes!”

Besides that, it was a great game and I had a wonderful time!

The other photos were taken in the gorgeous city of Cologne. I really like Cologne (or, as the Deutsche spell it, Köln), I hope to go back again. I will probably post a few more photos from Cologne in another entry.
I apologize if the photos aren’t very sharp. I’m uploading them from my iPad, and from what I can see the photos look good.
I have so many more photos to upload.

I’m going to Amsterdam today, I can’t wait!