Don’t Mess With…

It is officially past the first day of spring, and the ground and trees are still covered with snow. My thoughts are floating back to Texas and I feel a little homesick. I know exactly what I’m missing. I’m missing the time when the temperature outside is perfect, the Bluebonnets and wild flowers spring up, and my family gets together for Easter.

Spring time doesn’t last long in Texas though…Summer is just around the corner!

Hidden Bluebonnet field
My friend and I took photos around his small Texas hometown one morning. The water tower says ‘Needville’ not ‘Weedville’. 😉
I saw this tattered flag proudly waving on the side of the road in Texas Hill Country.

Project Lone Star

A few years ago I wanted to start a photo project for myself. I wanted to capture everything that represented “Texas”. The rodeo, long lonely roads, real BBQ, different cities, etc. But, what I’ve captured is not what I had planned. Instead, I’ve captured what Texas means to me.

Texas means my family and friends, that constant radio on in my grandpa’s workshop, the random park in the middle of nowhere where I met the nice lady feeding chickens. So while these may not be your ‘typical’ Texas photos (no gun fights here!), I’d like to share some photos that I’ve taken over the past several years.

There are a lot more photos to upload, but unfortunately I don’t have time to look through them because I’m leaving for Europe tomorrow! It’s a really big trip for me, as I’ve never been out of the United States (except to Canada).


  • Left my wonderful, very comfortable job.
  • Got my flu shot.
  • Picked up my pea coat (which was in the dirty laundry basket for the past 3 years) from the dry cleaners.
  • Received my new camera lens in the mail.
  • Bid my family and friends goodbye.

I’m about ready to march out of Texas.

My next post will be from Germany.

See ya’ll in Europe!

Autumn Morning

Meet my friend, Jyoti! We met in our medical tech program. I’ve seen photos of her in her beautiful saris, so one day I asked her if she could please come out and take photos with me. We went to a park in the early morning. Though it was officially autumn, by the time it was 11am, its was very hot and humid and we were ready to call it quits! I should’ve known that already, it doesn’t really start cooling off here till late October.

We headed off the main trail into the trees to take our first photos. There, we were greeted by tons of Texas sized mosquitoes! Thanks to Jyoti’s good nature, we were able to get through the bites and buzzing.