Paris Morning Rooftops

I loved the atmosphere when taking these photos. It was calm, cool and peaceful.
There was something comforting about listening to the city awaken.



Karneval der Kulturen

This past weekend I had blast at the Karneval der Kulturen! It’s an annual event celebrated during a whole weekend in May. The main highlight of the event is the parade on Sunday. More than one million visitors come to watch almost 80 diverse groups dance, sing, and perform through the streets of Berlin. There are many booths set up selling different foods, fruits, clothing, and drinks!

I’ve been to quite a few street festivals, but this one felt different. Everyone was out to have a good time and the atmosphere was very laid back and happy. Despite the crazy amount of people, I was not pushed or shoved once.

I had a great time dancing in the streets, learning old German songs, drinking caipirinha, eating good food, and soaking up the sun!
I hope to experience an event like this again.