Weekly Photo Challenge . Beneath Your Feet

A few old photos for this weeks weekly photo challenge!

Mmmmm, imagine this beneath your feet on a hot summer day!
Looking down in the Seattle library
Cycom 2013 (1 von 1)-207
Street in Prague

Beneath Your Feet

Into the Forest

This set was inspired by a photo from a photographer from Oregon that I saw long ago. Recently, I tried looking for the photograph but was unable to find it. The photo that I remember was a girl wearing white, running through a green, sun lit forest.

I didn’t exactly recreate that image, but created my own ‘girl in the forest’.

Big thanks to my friend for helping me with these photos!

Summer Date Night

The weather has been soo nice that all I feel like doing is going outside!

I took these over the weekend at the Sony Center here in Berlin. This is where I usually go to the movies because they screen them in English. 🙂