Weekly Photo Challenge . Beneath Your Feet

A few old photos for this weeks weekly photo challenge!

Mmmmm, imagine this beneath your feet on a hot summer day!
Looking down in the Seattle library
Cycom 2013 (1 von 1)-207
Street in Prague

Beneath Your Feet

Weekly Photo Challenge . Focus

I love this weeks photo challenge!

I went through my photos and chose the following three to demonstrate the concept of FOCUS.

The first one was taken…well, I’m sure you know where!

The second and third photo were taken in Canada.




Life : The Open Road

Life is also a staircase, made of colorful stones. 🙂

I took these while on a family trip years ago, right outside of Las Vegas.

They make me think about my family, and the fact that I haven’t seen my older sister for over a year now. That’s the longest I’ve ever gone in my life without seeing her!!

Life is just an open road. I can’t wait to take the one that leads back to home.