Today is my Birthday!

Today I celebrated my first birthday in Germany! It was a little sad being so far away from my family and close friends back home. But everyone here did their best to make my day special!

At midnight, my friends surprised me with an ice cream cake complete with lighted candles. And in the morning, I woke up to the mail man buzzing at our door. He dropped off a package that contained a sweet gift and card from my friend’s parents! At work, my coworkers gave me flowers, a card and sang Happy Birthday, first in English, then in German!

My friends and family live in all different time zones (Hawaii is 12 hours behind Berlin), so I’m very thankful to everyone who took the time to send me a message today!

How old am I now? People always say I look 20 years old, which is good for me because I feel not a day older than 20! =)




23 thoughts on “Today is my Birthday!

  1. All the best wishes to you! 🙂 My birthday is only a few days ago, now I’m sweet 31 and I don’t feel much older 😉

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